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who are we :
kveb was established in 2003 to specialize in the dairy and cheese industry by adhering to the highest quality standards and providing the best healthy products.
Kaf B is considered one of the most important Turkish companies in the field of manufacturing dairy and foodstuffs, as it has a good reputation in the domestic and foreign market.
Today we export to all countries of the world and deal with huge institutions abroad, where we can guarantee to our customers that their products will arrive in record time and at excellent prices.

Our products:
kveb is characterized by the diversity of its products and its high quality, which made it one of the pioneers of the dairy and cheese industry in Turkey, and we will review for you and put in your hands our distinctive products:
1- Akkawi cheese
2. Shallal cheese
3 Qashqwan
4.Majouled cheese
5.Modeled cheese
6. Cheese strings
7. labne

We always strive for the best and our ambition does not end and our goal is to satisfy our valued customers

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